• Wireless connection to Desktop Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Compatible with most USB powered MIDI controllers in the market
  • Short USB cable for connecting to 1 device included in package
  • Connect up to 4 controllers simultaneously
  • Audio input from your DAW works through WIFI or bluetooth (if on short range)
  • Audio monitoring available with amplified 3,5mm headphone jack, integrated speaker or bluetooth
  • 2,4ghz Wifi-Network
  • Latency times on good reception under 10ms
  • No poor range or interference issues like with Bluetooth LE devices
  • Super easy set-up
  • Charge it full and turn it on. Connect to hotspot network, add your network key and you're done!
  • Reset button allows to re-connect the device to other network.
  • Shows as a standard USB device in your computer, as if the device would be connected with wire
  • OSX, Windows, Linux clients to handle auto-connecting
  • 1-click recording of performances
  • Auto recording feature (record anything that you play to separate files with configurable silence detection time)
  • Access recordings through network drive in organized fashion (Date & Time & Instrument name)
  • You can also drag them straight to your DAW!
  • 30 GB storage for performance recordings
  • Ability to use your own thumbdrive
  • Removable 2400maH battery
  • 36 hours of playtime with single charge!
  • Multi-purpose keychain included for charging it via USB
  • Quick charging supported
  • Support external battery while using
  • Ultra-portable, weights less than 100 grams!
  • Attachable to your instrument via magnet plate
  • Attachable through mounting hole
  • Plugin support!